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  2. TRES-4 Intercept: Addeddate Boxid OL Identifier petroglyphChitin-ShouldWeFear Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle Add Review. comment. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review.
  3. TrES-4 is an orbits around the star GSC The planet is million miles from its sun. Being this close to its sun, the year on TrES-4 about three days long. This makes the temperature on the planet very hot. In fact, the temperature on TrES-4 is about 2, degrees Fahrenheit (1, degrees Celsius).. TrES-4 is a gas giant that is 70 percent bigger than Jupiter.
  4. TrES-4b is an extrasolar planet, the third-largest planet ever found, after WASPb and CT Chamaeleontis b (though the latter may be a brown dwarf). It was discovered in , and announced in , by the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey, using the transit method. It is Template:Convert away at star GSC , in the constellation Hercules. TrES-4 orbits its primary star every
  5. TrES-4b is an extrasolar planet, and one of the largest exoplanets ever found, after WASPb, WASPb, CT Chamaeleontis b (though the latter may be a brown dwarf) and GQ Lupi was discovered in , and announced in , by the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey, using the transit is approximately 1, light-years ( pc) away orbiting the star GSC , in the Detection method: Transit.
  6. PDF | We report the discovery of TrES-4, a hot Jupiter that transits the star GSC every days. If Keplerb and HD b, which intercept similar incident stellar fluxes.
  7. TrES-4b는 TrES 계획에 의해 년 발견된 외계 행성으로, 관측에는 통과법이 사용되었다. 이 행성은 허큘리스자리 쪽으로 지구에서 광년 거리에 있다.. TrES-4b는 GSC 를 일마다 도는데, 이는 이 행성이 어머니 항성을 지구에서 바라보았을 때 일 주기로 한 번씩 가린다는 뜻이다.
  8. TrES-4 ; TrES-4 is an exoplanet orbiting the star TrES-4, located about light-years ( pc) away from Solar System. Its discovery was publicly announced on The host star TrES-4 has apparent magnitude of , with absolute magnitude of It is times more massive and times bigger compared with our Sun.

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